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Oct 02, 2023

First gameplay trailer for bullet hell FPS Bears in Space shown at Realms Deep 2023

From Press Release:

Larkspur, Calif. (Oct. 2, 2023) – Broadside Games and Ravenscourt (PLAION) are thrilled to announce that a new Bears in Space gameplay trailer was revealed during the Realms Deep this past Saturday, Sept. 30. The action packed, bullet-hell FPS-adventure game confirms its partnership under the PLAION label Ravenscourt.

Let the chaos unfold and the bullets fly. It´s bear vs. robot time.

Watch Bears in Space’s latest trailer on YouTube here:

In Bears in Space, you fill the moon-walking space shoes of Maxwell Atoms, a Solar Marine turned extraterrestrial castaway. After his DNA is mixed with a bear’s he’s sent on a mission to wreak havoc in a zany and humorous out of this world adventure. With a vast arsenal of wacky weapons to choose from, you’ll have to blast your way across hordes of robot fiends in an attempt to get back home.

Realms Deep 2023, a digital event hosted by 3D Realms, made its return Sept. 30. This annual digital event is a one-day broadcast highlighting exciting action-packed games – from hardcore shooters to RTS, horror games, and RPGs. Realms Deep 2023 featured updates from 3D Realms’ upcoming slate of projects, as well as news, premieres, interviews, and more from notable publishers and developers around the world, including today’s trailer for Bears in Space.

Bears In Space is a wacky and wild FPS that takes players across space for an unforgettable adventure that’s touching down soon on PC via Steam.

For more information about Bears in Space, please visit:

To watch the recast of Realms Deep 2023 visit:




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