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Oct 03, 2023

Updated version of the roguelike platformer comes in the form of Rogue Glitch Ultra on November 14th to Steam and Switch

From Press Release:

Indie developer Lino Slahuschek and studio Rarebyte have announced Rogue Glitch Ultra! A brand new, updated version of the popular roguelite action platformer Rogue Glitch Ultra brings new items; characters; secret bosses; an art style overhaul; quality of life changes and bugfixes and more.

The game will debut on Nintendo Switch, and the original PC release of Rogue Glitch is getting the massive Ultra update and switching to be a paid premium game on November 14th!

About the game

Rogue Glitch is a roguelite action platformer in a vibrant glitch-ridden world. Amass a huge arsenal from over 150 weapon options and face hordes of enemies and tough boss fights. Jump into multiplayer (up to 4 player co-op online or local) to collect, unlock, and upgrade for endless replayability.

Worry less about aiming with auto-targeting and more about landing your jumps and building the best loadout – throwing sponges at your foes, using a minion pistol to summon little helpers, firing projectiles from another dimension, or any of the other 150+ weapon options to advance in this hostile universe!


  • Play solo or with up to 4 players online

  • Collect and evolve 150+ unique weapons and powerups that offer radically different playstyles

  • Embody 18 character variants, each with upgrading stats and skins

  • Auto-targeting lets you focus on platforming finesse and the perfect loadout

  • Complete events to unlock a narrative about a video game world that is starting to glitch

  • Experience the ultimate version of Rogue Glitch with Rogue Glitch Ultra, which features reworked graphics, all-new content, items, and boss fights

About Lino Slahuschek

Lino Slahuschek is an independent video game developer based in Vienna, Austria. Slahuschek has been working as a game developer for 7+ years and has released two indie multiplayer titles: Ratz Instagib and Rogue Glitch.

About Rarebyte

Rarebyte are an Austrian based independent game studio founded in 2006. In 2008 they self-published their first official release called Waterstorm, and since then, Rarebyte has become a well-established indie game studio. Not only do they create their own games (We Are Screwed!), collaborate with other studios to bring their hits to new platforms (Game Dev Tycoon) but they also publish games by other indie developers (Rogue Glitch Ultra).