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Oct 04, 2023

Halloween in Red Dead Online sees the Return of The Halloween Pass 2 and Double Rewards on All Hallow’s Call to Arms, and more

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From Press Release:

There’s talk of dark forces descending upon the frontier. All Hallow’s Eve approaches and with it comes opportunities to earn bonuses for keeping nefarious entities at bay. Defend local townsfolk from waves of assailants in All Hallow’s Call to Arms, with new maps arriving later this month, and earn rare, cursed items with The Halloween Pass 2.

Meanwhile, Madame Nazar requires the help of skilled Collectors to unearth hidden heirlooms and valuables, paying extra to those brave enough to traverse the frontier in these strange times. Once you’ve tracked her down, browse the selection of returning Halloween Masks — available at 25% off — before they’re gone.

Collectors can begin their quests by traveling to Madame Nazar’s storefront to acquire the Collector’s Bag (5 Gold Bars off). Turn in Collector Sets for bonus pay through November 6.

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Bonuses on Special Halloween Modes

Fight off bloodthirsty visitors trying to take over freeholds like Armadillo and Shady Belle and defend the locals in All Hallow’s Call to Arms, paying out Double Rewards during this month’s event period. Those who survive through the final wave of any Call to Arms map this month will receive an Offer for 30% off select Horses to assist with the travels befitting a seasoned Collector.

On October 17, three new All Hallow’s Call to Arms locations will emerge, needing your help to fight off waves of spooky enemies. Also on October 17, three new Dead of Night maps make their way to the Old West. Dispatch The Dead and wipe out other players to top the leaderboard.

As far as other paranormal occurrences are concerned, help Ike Skelding investigate rumblings of cult activities in the Hardcore Telegram Mission False Hopes & Prophecy, available through November 6.

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The Halloween Pass 2 Returns

The Halloween Pass 2 returns this month with ghoulish rewards for Red Dead Online. This purchasable limited-time upgrade comes with 15 ranks and runs through November 6. Hide from gruesome foes with a catalogue of masks, blood-soaked clothing items, and murderous accessories to inspire terror in neighbors and adversaries alike.

Everything you unlock during the Halloween Pass season between today and November 6 will be yours to keep and use after the Pass expires. Players who previously purchased The Halloween Pass 2 will maintain their status.

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Collect the Black and Red Cavalier Hat and the Red Hunter Jacket

Play Red Dead Online anytime this month to receive the Black and Red Cavalier Hat and Red Hunter Jacket for a striking look in blood-red hues. Collectors who return four Collectibles between October 31 and November 6 will get a free pair of Helsby Gloves in a pumpkin shade of autumnal orange.

All Offers and Rewards will be delivered within 72 hours of completion.

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3X RDO$, Gold, and XP on the Featured Series

This month’s Featured Series is a deadly affair, with the return of two menacing modes: Fear of the Dark and Dead of Night. Your courage will be rewarded three-fold for taking part through November 6. Test your luck against stiff competition in any of the bloodcurdling modes below to earn 3X RDO$Gold, and XP:

  • October 3 – 9: Hardcore Head for the Hills
  • October 10 – 16: Fear of the Dark
  • October 17 – 23: Hardcore Dead of Night
  • October 24 – 30: Hardcore Fear of the Dark
  • October 31 – November 6: Dead of Night

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2X RDO$ and XP on Collector Set Sales

Madame Nazar appreciates attention to detail, and she rewards those that meet her high expectations. This month, diligent Collectors who deliver complete sets to the nomadic mystic will see Double RDO$ and XP for their efforts. Playing anytime this month as a Collector will give you a head start consisting of five pieces belonging to the Family Heirlooms Collection.

Veteran Collectors can check the Progress menu and reset completed Awards for a tripled Gold payout through November 6.

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3X RDO$ and XP on Collector Free Roam Events

This month, Collectors can show off their unique abilities and skillsets in Collector Free Roam Events — stripping a wreckage site for Salvage, or fetching and fighting over the Condor Egg — in exchange for Triple Rewards. Completing any of the Collector Free Roam Events will also earn you a Reward for a Treasure Map leading to a hoard nearby the Calumet Ravine.

Scouring the frontier and reaching a Collector Daily Challenge Streak of four will yield an Offer for 30% off an Established or Distinguished Collector Item, and collect four or more Collectibles each week to receive the following rewards:

  • October 8 – 9: A Reward for a Coins Collector Map
  • October 10 – 16: An Offer for 30% off a Novice or Promising Collector Role Item
  • October 17 – 23: An Offer for 30% off a Double Bandolier
  • October 24 – 30: 3X Potent Health Cure
  • October 31 – November 6: Orange Helsby Gloves

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Free Community-Inspired Outfit

This month’s devilish and dapper combination comes from the imagination of Australian YouTuber BoganBav: Traverse the map in a sinister style by claiming the following items from participating Tailors or the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue through November 6 (Masks are available from Madam Nazar):

In addition to the above, storefronts are selling the Hopeman Vest and Fernwater Coat for a limited time only. Visit your local Tailor or order from the Catalogue to get them before they’re gone.

Candy and Chocolate Bars are also free at General Stores for all players from October 31 through November 6.


  • Collector’s Bag – 5 Gold Bars off
  • Collector’s Maps – 40% off
  • All Halloween Masks at Madame Nazar’s Shop – 25% off
  • The ‘Howl’ Emote – 40% off
  • Poison-themed Recipe Pamphlets – 30% off
  • Melee Weapons – 40% off
  • Shotguns and Shotgun Ammo – 40% off
  • Bandanas – 40% off
  • Haircuts, Dentistry, and Makeup – 50% off
  • Criollo Horses – 30% off