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Oct 11, 2023

New gameplay for Forgive Me Father 2 released ahead of tomorrow’s Early Access launch

From Press Release:

Prague, Czech Republic – October 11, 2023 – Fulqrum Publishing and Byte Barrel are excited to share new gameplay for the upcoming Lovecraftian horror retro FPS sequel, Forgive Me Father 2, showing the never before seen fifth level from its upcoming release.  Review keys are available upon request.

The game launches into Early Access for PC on October 19, 2023, with a free demo now available on Steam, featuring the game’s first two levels. Indescribable terrors await players as they continue the unearthly journey of the Priest in this second instalment to Forgive Me Father, which builds on the critically-lauded 2022 original with a darker story, new unearthly lighting effects and improved gunplay, and further gameplay enhancements.

From war-torn trenches and haunted villas to desecrated cathedrals… get ready to lose your sanity across 10 dread-inducing new levels (download screenshots of all levels here), each representing a new nightmare created by the Great Old Ones. These terrors distort the protagonist’s memories and transport the player into an intense fight for survival, where they must investigate to find where the nightmares end and reality begins.

Unleash hell with 10 unforgiving weapons (download screenshots of all weapons here), perfectly crafted to fight off the Eldritch hordes:

  • Knife – A simple but deadly knife, perfect for slashing opponents and basically every activity where blades are involved. Useful for finishing off weak or wounded enemies and saving ammunition.

  • Axe – Perfect for both chopping logs and splitting cultists in half. Powerful but slow melee weapon that allows you to take down multiple foes with one swing!

  • Revolver – Old, but gold in terms of classic firearms. High damage with perfect first-shot accuracy makes it a great fit for the careful type. It can get unwieldy in the heat of combat, though, since faster shots are inaccurate and reloading takes a while.

  • Pistol – Don’t let the form factor fool you – this one bites! Shoots fast, reloads even faster and has fantastic accuracy. Will get you out of any situation.

  • Pump Shotgun – Kicks hard, but hits your enemies harder. Its high firepower and decent firing speed make it a very effective weapon for close-combat encounters.

  • Double Barrel Shotgun – Double the barrels for double the fun! A hand-decorated shotgun that tears apart enemies with a single pull of the trigger. Its strength compensates for its long reload time

  • Rifle – Fast firing killing machine – mass produced for a reason! Shoots a lot of bullets and deals a lot of damage, which is fantastic against tougher opponents or groups. Ammo isn’t cheap though, so don’t over rely on this gun!

  • Grenade Launcher – Your weapon of choice when fighting hordes of enemies. Rumours have it that this explosive firearm was pulled from the bottom of the ocean, but don’t worry, it blows up cultists and monsters just fine.

  • Rocket Launcher – Very explosive and always hungry killing machine. A dangerous living weapon that is almost impossible to tame. The bullets it spits out can destroy even the most eternal of evils.

  • Mortar – Don’t let its friendly appearance fool you! This gentle, plant-eating entity can obliterate hordes of enemies with its explosive shots in the blink of an eye.

Challenge your fragile psyche with the 4 layers of madness skills:

  • Resistance – Madness makes your pain go away, making you almost indestructible. Significantly reduces incoming damage from all sources.

  • Haste – Makes you the fastest gunman in the universe. Significantly boost your fire rate and reload speed.

  • Lifesteal – Who needs med kits when you have this? A percentage of damage you deal heals your wounds.

  • Might – Makes you feel more powerful than ever, but at what cost? Madness fills your body and weapons, causing you to deal additional damage to enemies.

Forgive Me Father 2 is arriving in Early Access on October 19th, 2023. Wishlist it today via SteamGOG, or Epic Games Store. Join the madness today, with a free demo now available on Steam.

For more information, visit the official Fulqrum Publishing website or follow them on social media.