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Oct 18, 2023

Make friends in the Pets & Dungeons DLC for post-apocalyptic open-world survival RPG DYSMANTLE released

From Press Release:

Tampere, Finland, October 18th 2023 – 10tons releases the final chapter in the DYSMANTLE saga with the Pets & Dungeons DLC on Steam. In this whimsical expansion, players can traverse a new open-world map, dive into the base game mysteries through enchanted canine dwellings, and collect over twenty unique companions ranging from loyal dogs to a cunning fox. DLC also brings fresh gear and recipes, expanding the gameplay dynamics. Slated for release on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch later in 2023, with mobile adaptations to follow post PC and console launches, the enchanting world of Pets & Dungeons is ready to be explored.

“A while back, we unveiled the upcoming Pets & Dungeons DLC for Dysmantle. We’re thrilled to announce that the DLC is now available, introducing a captivating pets feature. Players can explore canine dwellings to find over twenty unique companions, each with distinct gameplay modifiers. Alongside, dive into new dungeons filled with puzzles and combat, enhancing the core Dysmantle experience,” mentions Arttu Laurila from 10tons.

  • New Companions: Over twenty unique pets including dogs, cats, and a fox, each with their own gameplay-affecting modifiers.
  • Exploration: Discover canine dwellings around the island to kickstart the narrative, leading to an array of new dungeons.
  • Engaging Dungeons: Dungeons laden with combat challenges and puzzles, intertwined with the storyline.
  • Pet-Player Interaction: Obtain secondary items enabling enhanced interaction and synergy with your pets.
  • Enhanced Damage Capabilities: New cooking recipes to bolster your pets’ damage capabilities in combat.
  • New Gear: A variety of new headgear, weaponry, and trinkets to diversify gameplay and allow for different build strategies.
  • Open-World Adventure: While featuring a fresh open-world map, the DLC also enriches the base game map by uncovering additional mysteries.
  • Bonus Content: Owners of Pets & Dungeons along with previous DLCs unlock exclusive items, pets, and fresh challenges to overcome.

The DLC is priced at USD/EUR 7.99, with a launch discount available.