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Oct 27, 2023

Might and Delight release new update for Book of Travels with new achievements, events, locations, and more

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From Press Release:

Book of Travels – New achievements, events, locations and death that isn’t the end

Swedish independent game studio Might and Delight are reporting good progress on the artistic powerhouse and Kickstarter success story Book of Travels, an online multiplayer role-playing game in which players take on the role of a traveller unearthing the mysteries of the world of Braided Shore. 

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As the game is approaching its two year anniversary in Early Access next week and heads towards its full launch, the team is gearing up to release their biggest content update yet. It includes 15 new achievements for players to work towards, as well as 8 new events that will lead them to new areas and introduce them to new characters and merchants. Amongst these new areas are the update’s 5 new locations; the Cistern, Knalla Tunnel, a mysterious shipwreck, a dark outhouse and the Siram Watchtower. Players will also get to familiarise themselves with several new items that will aid them on their journey. 

Lastly, this update will also introduce death to the game, timed appropriately with the Halloween season. Whereas before players were impervious to harm, now they’ll have to take care not to fall victim to the dangers of Braided Shore, but – death isn’t necessarily the end. When the player finds themselves slain by bandits or poisoned by pufferfish, there is no rest for their spirits to be found. Instead, they will traverse the realm beyond death, and search for the passage back to the land of the living. They took a risk and gambled with their life. Now, they may risk it all to return from beyond the grave.

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In celebration of this milestone, Might and Delight has discounted Book of Travels by 25% until October 31, 10am pacific time, 7pm central european. For a limited time of two weeks, loyal players will also be rewarded if they venture to Traveller’s Meadow where a new encounter awaits. Completing it will award you with a flower crown. The Traveller’s Meadow was created as an homage to the supportive backers on Kickstarter, where every flower represents one backer. The flower crown is made of petals from these flowers, and therefore carries meaning to fans.

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Book of Travels 

  • Mystery – The world of Braided Shore is full of hidden secrets and dangers for the unwary traveller.
  • Trading – Success depends on finding the right goods to trade with merchants and fellow travellers.
  • Exploration – The untrodden path often leads to the greatest rewards, but also the greatest dangers.
  • Survival – Travellers will do battle with nature, opportunist outlaws and the supernatural