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Nov 02, 2023

Patch #4 is live for Baldur’s Gate 3, introducing colorblind modes and so much more


From Press Release:

Patch #4 for Baldur’s Gate 3 is officially live and it clocks in at over 1,000 fixes, tweaks and changes this time. This patch introduces a setting for colour-blind people, and allows for visual customisation of hirelings upon recruitment! No more Extreme Makeover: Faerûn Edition.

Read the full Patch Notes here!

In this update, Larian has added a setting in the Accessibility tab that will allow you to choose between protanopia, deuteranopia, or tritanopia, which will apply to character outlines and circles, character map markers, frame portraits in turn order, and party portraits. The Larian team hopes that including these settings will allow you to more easily differentiate between friends, foes, and help with navigating combat!

Larian continues to work on further fixes, features, and updates. In case of any issues, the Larian support team is happy to help.

Baldur’s Gate 3 launched on PC and PlayStation 5 and will come to Xbox later in 2023.