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Nov 08, 2023

Sun Wukong, the eighth fighter joins the Ravenswatch roster today in new update

From Press Release:

Lesquin, 8 November 2023 – The Nightmares have cheated the most famous trickster! On his quest to recover what was stolen from him, an eighth fallen hero is forced to join the Ravenswatch. After countless years of training, this master of martial arts and cunning had almost attained omnipotence. As a mortal once again, he can only rely on his centuries-old experience and the support of those he despised as he seeks to recover his divine essence.

Helping someone who used to look down on you is unbearable. Immortality was what made him so arrogant. But the loss of this power only made things worse, making him bitter and prone to the darkest emotions. Despite this, he never lost his sense of superiority. It won’t be easy for you to team up with him, but making use of his unique skills will certainly increase your chances against the Nightmare hordes.

Teaming up with Sun Wukong means accepting that you will be fighting on a razor’s edge. The former god is very self-confident and is not afraid of danger. It is quite common to see him taking on multiple enemies all by himself. He uses his agility to dart from one enemy to the next as swift as the wind, and he can handle all situations thanks to his mastery of stances. With a unique parrying technique that he can reuse without a delay if the timing is mastered, Sun Wukong knows how to get out of tricky situations. Only a cold-blooded specialist can repel a deadly attack with a simple strike of the palm.

If you are still not convinced by the advantages an ally like this can bring, be aware that the Monkey King is hiding his latest deceptions, and it’s up to you to reveal them all. His clones and transfigurations give you the element of surprise, which is certainly an advantage when faced with what the Nightmares throw at you.

Currently only available as an early access PC game, Ravenswatch is a roguelike that can be played solo or in co-op with up to four players. It is developed by Passtech Games, who also developed the hit game Curse of the Dead Gods. The current version of Ravenswatch has seven playable heroes and the first two chapters of the adventure, but it will be updated regularly with two new heroes and a third chapter added before its official release in 2024 on PC, PlayStation®4, Xbox, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4 Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch.