Project CARS 3 Review

Aug 24, 2020

Project CARS 3 relaxes its simulation and hardcore nature for a much more inviting and better streamlined experience than the prior two games ever achieved. Though, with Slightly Mad Studios straying from what made this series so popular, there’s likely going to be some dissent about the direction of this game. It may not be the relentless driving experience you once came for, but it’s got a copious amount of content for both online and offline, with incredible audio and gorgeous visuals to accompany it all. Project CARS 3 retains lots of fan-favorite modes, vehicles, and features that refuses to disappoint.

RAD Review

Aug 26, 2019

Double Fine Productions offers their take on the roguelike genre, and does so in a post-apocalyptic, neo-80s way with RAD. As someone born in the 80s and loves that particular decade, this game hits all the right notes. As a game though, especially a roguelike where every death is permanent, it falls short of greatness. It’s enjoyable enough, but lacks range much like its melee-focused combat. RAD doesn’t do anything egregious with any one thing, but it doesn’t do anything ostentatious outside of its stylistic choices to standout within the genre.