Battlefield 4 Exclusive Beta for BF3 Premium owners coming October 1st

Aug 30, 2013

You can pre-load on September 27th, then play on October 1st. 

EA does have a resource surrounding other questions about the Battlefield 4 Beta:

Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Review

Dec 28, 2012

The fourth of five Battlefield expansions, featuring a balanced mix of indoors and outdoors. The outdoor areas are vast and open allowing it to feel completely separate from the indoor areas. The building constructed that make up the indoor areas are tight, almost claustrophobic at times. This blends the feeling of the Close Quarters DLC with the Armored Kill DLC in interesting ways, making for more variety and versatility in attacking and defending objectives.

Battlefield 3: Aftermath DLC Launch Trailer emerges

Nov 27, 2012

Rise from the ashes and fight for survival! In Battlefield 3: Aftermath, players fight for supremacy amongst shattered streets and buildings across four earthquake ravaged maps.

This launch trailer features footage from all four maps and features the new crossbow, vehicles, and the new Scavenger game mode where players armed only with a pistol must search the environment for more powerful weapons.


Battlefield 3: Armored Kill DLC Review

Sep 16, 2012


The third of five Battlefield expansions, features the largest maps Battlefield 3 has ever seen. The map design and feel complete the experience and feel reminiscent to Battlefield 1942 in some ways. The greater focus on tanks and air superiority make for an easy way to unlock items for vehicles but also make infantry a very fragile role to play in a larger battle.

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC Review

Sep 15, 2012

The second expansion is a more intimate experience than what you’d expect Battlefield to have. This is where it succeeds and fails. It does well in creating a highly explosive and a barrage of weaponry in close-knit spaces. The interiors have been changed and focus on deteriorating walls from bullets and grenades due to their thin material. Each map has a focused attention to detail in lighting that starkly contrasts the other maps in the game.

Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand DLC Review

Sep 14, 2012

The first expansion for Battlefield 3 is nostalgic trip, revisiting some classic maps from Battlefield 2 while updating them for a fresh experience using Frostbite 2.

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition announced at Gamescom

Aug 14, 2012

The battle continues as DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, today announced the ultimate Battlefield 3 game pack: Battlefield 3 Premium Edition coming on September 11th for $69.99. This all-encompassing offer combines the original Battlefield 3 game, all Battlefield 3 Premium content including five themed digital expansion packs, and a Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Head-Start Kit that is custom-designed to help jump start players who are new to multiplayer by automatically unlocking 15 different weapons, gadgets and vehicle upgrades. Battlefield 3 Premium Edition delivers more than 25 maps, over 70 weapons and vehicles and dozens of unlocks and upgrades, making it the perfect entry point into one of the top shooter games of this generation.


Battlefield 3 DLC: Armored Kill gameplay trailer

Jul 19, 2012

Coming this September, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill is the next digital expansion pack in the Battlefield 3 series and introduces a host of exclusive in-game content, new vehicles, assignments and more.

Taking vehicular mayhem to the next level as only Battlefield can, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill features 5 new drivable vehicles including mobile artillery, tanks, ATV’s complete with over 20 vehicle specific unlocks. Players will also have the ability to spawn in the all-new gunship and rain death from above. 

Battlefield 3 to Get Three Themed Expansions This Year for All Platforms

Mar 07, 2012

The Battlefield army is over 12 Million strong and growing every day as Battlefield 3 and its first expansion, Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand continues to recruit gamers around the world with its dynamic sandbox gameplay and state-of-the-art technology. Today, DICE, an Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ: EA) studio, demonstrates its ongoing commitment to fans by unveiling three new themed digital expansion packs* that will enhance the superior Battlefield experience with fresh and innovative gameplay, new modes, unique environments and more ways to wage all-out-war on the battlefield. Powered by the Frostbite 2 engine, the next expansion packs are: Battlefield 3: Close Quarters in June, Battlefield 3: Armored Kill in the fall, and Battlefield 3: End Game in the winter.

“Instead of delivering piecemeal map packs, we’re giving players a completely new experience with every themed expansion pack to keep the action fresh. Our expansions are designed to excite our large and active fan base while attracting new recruits with gameplay that is dynamic and unpredictable every time.”


Battlefield 3: Close Quarters – In Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, players are dropped into a frantic, infantry-only theatre of war. Frostbite 2 high definition destruction makes the environment come alive as everything from furniture to plaster gets shot to pieces. Players will feel the intensity of the world exploding around them as rubble and broken pieces pile up on the floor, while tight level design and vertical gameplay create a highly competitive environment. Battlefield 3: Close Quarters also introduces new weapons, assignments and unique dog tags to bring back to the base game.

Battlefield 3: Armored Kill – Following the tight infantry gameplay ofBattlefield 3:Close Quarters, DICE will release Battlefield 3:Armored Killthat ups the ante for vehicular mayhem as only Battlefield can do. Featuring new driveable tanks, ATVs, mobile artillery and more, Battlefield 3:Armored Kill also delivers huge battlefields for an all-out vehicle assault, including the biggest map in Battlefield history.

Battlefield 3: End Game – The fourth expansion pack will ship in the winter but details remain tightly guarded.