Crysis Remastered Review

Sep 22, 2020

Crytek has remastered their science fiction first-person shooter for the modern day with improved textures, software and hardware raytracing, and lighting. And Crysis Remastered does for 2020 just like what the original Crysis did in 2007, and that’s humbling you for having what you’d thought was one of the best gaming PCs. It’s a gorgeous looking game that sees some clear improvements, but also some questionable changes. Crysis Remastered is a nice return to the paradisal island for some sun, fun, and guns, but it’ll have you wondering why they did that, instead of how they did that.

The Climb Review

Jan 31, 2020

I have a crippling fear of heights.

I reviewed The Climb, a VR game focused on climbing mountains and cliff sides high above the earth below.

And I absolutely loved it.

Hunt: Showdown Review

Sep 09, 2019

Hunt: Showdown treads both familiar and unfamiliar ground in Crytek’s multiplayer horror shooter. It’s a game that evokes elements of DayZ, PUBG, and even Resident Evil. The game is full of macabre, gross creatures, and creepy environments that’ll sketch anyone out. The fear, tension, and excitement is punctuated by slow-firing and reloading late 19th century and early 20th century era weapons. It’s especially scary to play solo. Though, Hunt: Showdown is best when played with other people, and even better with friends. This is a game that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat for every match.