Far Cry 6 Review

Oct 06, 2021

The sixth mainline Far Cry game isn’t full of too many surprises, but it’s got the series’ greatest hits in its playlist. Tonally, Far Cry 6 is all-over-the-place: funny when it wants to be, and serious when it needs to be. They can be hard shifts, but there’s a compelling narrative in here. You’ll be rallying those around you to fight an actual army by partaking in guerrilla warfare to unseat politician hungry with power. Activities have you hunt animals, win races, and even find hidden treasures. If this all sounds familiar, I’m willing to bet you’ve never taken over a military base with a blood-crazed rooster by your side. Far Cry 6 is a joy ride without wearing a seat belt.

Far Cry New Dawn Review

Feb 22, 2019

Far Cry New Dawn is a direct sequel to last year’s Far Cry 5 which, at the end of that game left Hope County (and seemingly most of the surrounding area), in dire straights. This is the first sequel for the series, and it offers a continuation that’s worth following. While the game is designed as a direct follow-up, the events are distanced enough from Far Cry 5 so that players who didn’t play that, could pick this up with little friction. Far Cry New Dawn on its own doesn’t really disappoint, but the connective tissue to Far Cry 5 feels like a step back from what would be another amazing entry.

Far Cry 5 Review

Mar 26, 2018

Montana is an unlikely place for a videogame setting, but in Far Cry 5 it is hard to think of anything more fitting. Taking place in the fictional Hope County, there’s a lot of big sky to traverse and experience. Almost from the beginning, you’re free to go anywhere you please and do things in any order. You’re never limited by what missions you can take on. This is an open-world, with very little linearity. With that, Far Cry 5 is an absolute treasure state.

Far Cry Classic coming to XBLA and PSN on February 11th

Feb 07, 2014

Ubisoft announced today that Far Cry Classic, will be available in North America for download on XBLA for Xbox 360 and on the PSN for PlayStation 3 on February 11, 2014 for $9.99.