Scott Ellison II’s Top 10 Games of 2017

Dec 31, 2017

Outside of gaming, 2017 will be be a year to remember – or one you want to forget. It’s personally been one of my best years, as I’ve started a new day job, bought a house, and feel like a proper-ass adult for the first time a long time. But we’re here about games, and what a wild ride and great year for games 2017 was. This has been the hardest list to assemble for the 2,017th year in a row, because not only did I play so many games, but there were a lot to like and even love – 2018 has a lot to live up to.

Heat Signature Review

Oct 19, 2017

Tom Francis and team return with Heat Signature, a procedurally generated open-galaxy game in which you gallivant around, working to liberate one system at a time. Heat Signature is a sandbox, other times it is repetitive and dull, but it is always in your control. Suspicious Developments has given you all the tools to succeed, and it is up to you to implement them how you see fit. That’s what makes so much fun to play, and hard to stop playing once you’re in it.