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HITMAN – The Complete First Season Review

Feb 24, 2017

Agent 47 has completed his first full season in 2016’s self titled game HITMAN. With 6 maps, loads of equipment, a variety of costumes, and many ways to play, HITMAN is filled to the brim with content. I came away amazed by the game and can not recommend it enough to anyone. With the first season pressed onto a disc, I think it’s time I finally gave some of my thoughts on this sneaky assassin’s newest venture.

Ed Acosta’s Top 10 Games of 2016

Dec 29, 2016

Ed has been hard at work planning a wedding, but in the meantime, has found time for some games this year. He’s planted and harvested in Stardew Valley, cooking under pressure in Overcooked, and what else? Well, you’re just gonna have to see where these games shook out on his list.