Paradox Announces New Sabaton Music Pack for Hearts of Iron IV

Jan 27, 2017

Paradox Development Studio and Hearts of Iron IV continue their musical synergy with Swedish heavy metal band Sabaton. Best known for their songs about real historical events and the human side of war, Sabaton has licensed ten new songs for Hearts of Iron IV, each illustrating a moment of World War II with passion and power chords.

Cities: Skylines – Natural Disasters Review

Dec 09, 2016

Cities: Skylines was a game where I was fine playing a city-builder that didn’t have disasters in it, mainly because I, like many of us, destroyed our own cities simply by poor planning. But those wanting more out of the game were out of luck, as it simply wasn’t there. Natural Disasters adds a layer of complexity and challenge that while I don’t find it to be a necessary addition, it is a much welcomed one that makes Cities: Skylines feels more of a complete game than when it launched in early 2015.