Nordic Games updates Red Faction: Guerrilla with Steamworks, removes GFWL

Dec 03, 2014

After over a month of beta testing, Nordic Games is proud to announce the release of the Red Faction: Guerrilla Steam Edition. Apart from the obvious (i.e. removing the GfWL component), the game experienced an extensive overhaul.

Relic has migrated Dawn Of War II series off of GFWL over to Steam

Sep 09, 2014

After months of running an Open Beta on Steam, Relic has finished migrating all multiplayer and achievements from Games For Windows Live for Dawn of War II and Dawn Of War II: Chaos Rising to Steam. It is worth noting Dawn of War II: Retribution already launched using Steamworks in 2011, sans GFWL.

Ms. Splosion Man transitions from GFWL to Steamworks, On Sale

Jun 19, 2014

Ms. Splosion Man on Steam moves away from the dying GFWL to Steamworks today. Also, it’s on sale 75% off for the Steam Summer Sale (yeah, they spilled the beans).

Borderlands and older Civilization games transition from GameSpy to Steamworks for online play

Apr 22, 2014

In a recent blog post, 2K will implement online service changes for several legacy titles, including releases for Windows PC, as a result of GameSpy Technology terminating its online service offerings for video games.