Retro City Rampage Review

Oct 15, 2012

Brian Provinciano has been working on what is now known as Retro City Rampage for just over a decade, originally started as an NES game called “Grand Theftendo”, is now it’s own release on PSN, PSVita, and PC. In a world where HD remakes rule the modern landscape that prey on your nostalgia, Retro City Rampage is non-HD demake that is something new, but everything you’d expect it to be and more.

Retro City Rampage – Soundtrack Now Available for Purchase

Feb 23, 2012

The Retro City Rampage Soundtrack now available as both a digital download on Bandcamp, and on a limited edition Vinyl!

They can be purchased from here: or


Retro City Rampage will be available on EVERYTHING

Feb 21, 2012

Retro City Rampage is now coming to PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and PC/Steam in addition to WiiWare and XBLA and will be available in May of this year.


Retro City Rampage reveals Splosion Man at MineCon

Nov 20, 2011

Unveiled at MineCon 2011, Vblank Entertainment is proud to announce the first of Retro City Rampage’s official indie (or previously indie) crossovers. Splosion Man and Ms. Splosion Man join the Player as playable characters, enemies and allies. Never before have worlds collided quite like this, unless you remember “Archie Meets The Punisher” and “The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones”… which you don’t.

Splosion Man trips on a warp zone and ‘splodes into Retro City Rampage in sploding-edge 8-bits! Sidescroll through Big Science Labs then bust out to ‘splode over 40 vehicles and out-splode the law while ‘sploding friendly civilians! ‘Splode pedestrians for meat and coins, or use them for target practice when you find yourself with an explosive barrel deficiency.


Retro City Rampage shown this weekend at MineCon with big reveals

Nov 17, 2011

Retro City Rampage will be playable at MineCon in Las Vegas this Friday and Saturday. Brian Provinciano of VBlank Entertainment will also be presenting the game on stage Friday at 9:00pm, giving the most in-depth public showing to date with many big reveals. Being shown off will be a Lucas Arts adventure game parody and the red-blue 3D glasses stages – showing just how much beyond GTA’s formula Retro City Rampage spans. Might even be showing one of the big indie crossovers!

Note that Retro City Rampage is finally in the bug fixing, polishing and tuning stage and will be out Q1 2012 on Xbox LIVE Arcade, followed by WiiWare (and maybe other platforms).


MotoHeroz out September 15th for WiiWare

Sep 09, 2011

Did you think that RedLynx was done pumping out games with the recent release of DrawRace 2? Well think again, now the team behind Trials and DrawRace is bringing an other new title and now it’s for WiiWare. The game promises to have a solid single player as well as a really enjoyable multiplayer. You will have plenty of tracks to race on since the game has over a hundred courses to race in. The game will have three game modes for you to mess around in. This is one of the only WiiWare games that looks like it’s actually going to be good. So if I were you, I would definitely go and pick up this gem on the fifteenth of this month.



  • – Single player story mode with rich characters and lush environments
  • – Two to four-player party mode that’s easy for anyone to pick up and play
  • – Daily online competition based on Global and Friend-based Leader Boards
  • – Steady 60 FPS, widescreen support, and blazing fast load times
  • – Packed with content, including 100+ tracks and three game modes
  • – Simple but effective physics that deliver an addictive gameplay experience