X Rebirth 3.0 adds Teladi Outpost DLC, FREE for Loyal Buyers of the base game

Dec 11, 2014

Most people know Teladi as a race of greedy, little lizards who only pay attention to a problem if there’s a monetary advantage in it for them. While it’s true that the Teladi are a rather profit-orientated species, prejudices have led to many antipathies against them in the known systems. If you’ve ever spent some time on a platform you’ve probably already heard some nasty words about the Teladi. Cut off from their own territory and stranded in human systems they’re not really welcome in, there are certainly better places a Teladi could wish to be. Fortunately for the Teladi though, times change.

X-Rebirth Update 3.0 fixes many bugs and adds new features

Dec 11, 2014

[youtube http://youtu.be/K75uEQV1YMw]

X Rebirth – Launch Trailer

Nov 14, 2013

Egosoft and Tri Synergy are pleased to release the X Rebirth, “Enter Space” launch trailer today. This four minute video consists solely of in-game footage. Prepare to experience the next installment of the critically-acclaimed X series in a redefinition of what a space simulation can be. Gigantic stations teeming with life, fast travel space highways to get to where the action is, new technologies including force-multiplying drones, and a streamlined UI are among the features which await both experienced fans and newcomers. 
Be a trader, an explorer, mercenary, fleet captain, builder, miner, or any combination of these. Experience the story in Campaign mode or strike out on your own without limits in Free Play. X Rebirth provides the universe, how you play is up to you. 
X Rebirth will be exclusively released for the PC on the November 15, 2013 in Standard and Limited Edition versions.