Nov 14, 2013

X Rebirth – Launch Trailer

Egosoft and Tri Synergy are pleased to release the X Rebirth, “Enter Space” launch trailer today. This four minute video consists solely of in-game footage. Prepare to experience the next installment of the critically-acclaimed X series in a redefinition of what a space simulation can be. Gigantic stations teeming with life, fast travel space highways to get to where the action is, new technologies including force-multiplying drones, and a streamlined UI are among the features which await both experienced fans and newcomers. 
Be a trader, an explorer, mercenary, fleet captain, builder, miner, or any combination of these. Experience the story in Campaign mode or strike out on your own without limits in Free Play. X Rebirth provides the universe, how you play is up to you. 
X Rebirth will be exclusively released for the PC on the November 15, 2013 in Standard and Limited Edition versions.