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Mysterious new RedLynx iOS game teased

I received something very intriguing this morning. RedLynx (Trials HD, Monster Truck Nitro, and Moto Heroes) are putting together what seems to be a very ambitious and unique game for iOS. Not only are they revealing the [yet untitled] game, but also their new logo.

The video unveils a game that lasts one thousand days, with a new map and a new hero available each day. The teaser also reveals that players will be challenged to gather one thousand treasures on their journey.

“There is timeline inside all of us,” said Antti Ilvessuo, Creative Director of RedLynx. “A past that guides us, ancestors whom time may have forgotten, but whose choices influence us even today. This game takes these ideas, and plays with them in a fun and engaging way.”

While the company is remaining tight-lipped about other game details for now, more information is expected soon.

Features Revealed:


  • A New Adventure Every Day for 1000 Days
  • Explore 1000 Levels
  • Guide 1000 Heroes
  • Gather 1000 Relics
  • Coming Soon to iPhone and iPad

The teaser site is now live: