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DrawRace 2 got a Release Date and it’s Today !

So I wrote the article following a press release that I received yesterday concerning the tentative release date of the game. So I was surprised to see this afternoon when I was checking my email that they have sent an other press release saying that the game has been released today. So go onto your iOS devices and go download this great game. The game is priced at a very reasonable price at 0.99$. So there is no excuse for you guys to go and pick it up.

From the guys who brought to us DrawRace on iOS and Trials HD on Xbox 360, are bringing us a sequel to their very popular game DrawRace and now it has a tentative release date. So instead of downloading some stupid fart app or sex position app, grab DrawRace 2 in September of this year. That’s right, the game is ready to come out very soon. The game still does not have a price but I’m sure that it will be very comparable to its predecessor.

To get pumped up for the release of the game the guys at RedLynx have released a brand new trailer: