Lights Off

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record includes the long-requested Sandbox Mode

Dead Rising 2 Off The Record is at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) this weekend in Seattle. And is debuting an all new mode: SANDBOX MODE.  Requested by the fans ever since Dead Rising first launched, the team at Capcom Vancouver has developed a Sandbox Mode exclusively for Dead Rising 2 Off The Record.

Players can now explore the casinos, restaurants, malls and new Uranus Zone that comprise Fortune City without the obstacle of time. Challenges placed throughout the city offer players the chance to earn additional cash for use in the pawn shops and vending machines around Fortune City. Ranging from collection style challenges to vehicle-based challenges to zombie massacre challenges; the higher the rank of the player, the more cash they win.

This is the mode I and almost everyone I know has been looking for all-along. It shows that Capcom does listen to their fans.