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Amazon’s Practically Handing you a Dragon Age Combo Platter Today

Amazon has an EA sale going on this week and today brings us a big steaming pile of Dragon Age Origins: Ultimate and Dragon Age II for $11.99.  Ultimate includes: Origins, Awakening Expansion Pack, plus all nine DLC packs.  The Ultimate normally goes for $29.99 and is currently on sale by itself for $24.99 while Dragon Age II runs $19.99 and is on sale by its lonesome self for $17.25.  If you were looking to pick up one or the other, screw it and get both today.  I should also mention this is PC download only.

Now granted if you listened to our 1st Podcast you already know we’re are not big fans of Dragon Age II but for $11.99 and the Ultimate Collection of Dragon Age Origins, This would be a good time to pick it up.