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Where is my Mass Effect with dragons?


First amd foremost, this is not a review, just my thoughts on the demo. I finally got around to downloading the Dragon Age II demo and I think I’ll be in the minority when I say I was dissapointed.  As the title mentions I was looking for more the Mass Effect formula but what I got was a mix of some Mass Effect elements and your typical fantasy RPG.  The thing that had to sell me was the combat controls and I just did not enjoy them one bit.  I think back to another Bioware game I enjoyed, Jade Empire, and wondered why the combat couldnt have been similar to that either.  I remember playing that game like a better, more story driven, version of Dynasty Warriors.

I will say, Dragon Age II has better combat than Origins though.  In Origins you hit the attack button and your character just goes on his/her own.  In II it’s more player responsive and action oriented.  Each hit of the attack button is an attack on screen.  I feel I have more control of the battle and the character.

I guess what I’m getting at is, I wanted exactly Mass Effect with knights, dragons, and swords.  I’m sure the game will be excellent for those hardcore RPGers but will be a pass in my book, I got burned by the hype for the first game and don’t want to make a similar mistake.

Give me Dynasty Warriors action, Mass Effect story telling and dialogue tree, and God of War levels of graphics and Ill buy 10 copies. Oh and how about character customization as deep as the WWE Raw vs Smackdown titles, yeah I’m drooling over here. Anyone got a towel?

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  1. As a huge fan of the first game, I guess I’ll be in the “minority” for Dragon Age II. I do not like the changes here in the demo (played on PC). Mass Effect greatly benefited from the elements changed from ME1 to ME2. However, Dragon Age did not need those changes. I’m opposed to pretty much everything DA2 does: faster combat, artistic design, and change of male lead character.

    Now, and I’m going to be spoilery here: One of the possible endings in Dragon Age Origins is to have your character die in sacrifice for another character. So introducing this new Hawke character (he should be my favorite right?) makes sense if that’s how you ended DAO. But what if you didn’t? The odd disappearance of your main character will be baffling to some.

    Maybe I’ll be a bit hypocritical in this next statement. If reviews are favorable, I’ll buy & play Dragon Age 2 – but with some reservations, some malcontent, and naturally – at a lower price.

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