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Dungeon Defenders Hits 1 Million Downloads – Free Steam Valentine’s Day Content & iOS Sale

There’s no better date than a 4-player co-op frenzy with your significant other and a fellow couple. Dungeon Defenders is just the co-op experience you’ll love with a brand new DLC on Steam. Team up to play the “Sky O’ Love” Challenge Mission, and become matchmaker by pairing “Boy” mobs with their same-species, significant, “Girl” mob others!


But watch out… Mega Cupid isn’t too happy about you doing his work for him. This event also includes a redesigned tavern, four new Hero outfits, and a unique cupid pet! And… Wait… the Squire is finally getting pants!!!?


To celebrate (a million PC/console downloads, not the pants), Trendy Entertainment will also be putting the iPhone/iPad version of Dungeon DefendersDungeon Defenders: Second Wave, on a week-long sale for $0.99! Check it out!


And a brand new Dungeon Defenders, Valentine’s Day themed wallpaper:

Etherian Festival of Love: