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Nitronic Rush OST released for FREE

Jordan Hemenway (“Torcht”) and M.J. Quigley (“The Quiggles”) of Digipen have released the Official Soundtrack to Nitronic Rush, the free game from Digipen that I wrote about before. Now, Torcht and The Quiggles have worked to remaster the soundtrack into an hour long set of tracks that is well done, and for the price of free – you can’t compete with.

Sample track:


Track Listing:

  1. Long Ago by Torcht
  2. Abandoned Utopia by Torcht
  3. Deeper into the Void by Torcht
  4. Storm on the Horizon by Torcht
  5. The Sentinel is Watching by Torcht
  6. Into the Belly of the Beast by Torcht
  7. End to a Violent Heart by Torcht
  8. Restoration by Torcht
  9. Endgame by The Quiggles
  10. Home by Torcht
  11. Meet the Core by Torcht
  12. Abandoned Utopia (Wubstep Remix) by The Quiggles
  13. Deeper into the Void (80s Remix) by The Quiggles
  14. Storm on the Horizon (Clockwork Remix) by The Quiggles
  15. Into the Belly of the Beast (8-bit Remix) by The Quiggles
  16. Home (In Vain Remix) by The Quiggles
  17. Arena by The Quiggles
  18. Hot Pants by The Quiggles
  19. Hot Pants (Corejunk) by The Quiggles
  20. Commodore by The Quiggles
  21. Neon Skyway by The Quiggles
  22. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Turbo Remix) by The Quiggles
  23. Gladiator by The Quiggles

Download the Nitronic Rush OST:

Download the Nitronic Rush: