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Steam version of Legend of Grimrock carries some Extras from GOG


If you purchase Legend of Grimrock on GOG, you get a nice offering of extras, as they do for all releases. On GOG game page, you can see what they are. So, you might be wondering what the benefits are to buying it on Steam. The only advantage Steam has at the moment is Steam Achievements (if you want them). The advantage GOG has is, as it always is – no DRM. So while digging into my Steam directory, I discovered most of the GOG extras are included with your Steam version – it is just not explicitly told to you. So hit up your Steam folder at this location for the Extras:

DRIVE:/Steam/steamapps/common/legend of grimrock/extras/


• Art from Cinematics, Environments, and Monsters

• Photos of the Devs

• Main Menu theme (MP3)

• Additionally you get PDFs of

– Graph Paper, Manual, and World Map

Now what you don’t get in the Steam version from the GOG version is HD Wallpapers, and Avatars

Our review of the game is forthcoming.