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Legend of Grimrock is On Sale – Go Get It

Legend of Grimrock, the acclaimed RPG from Almost Human, is just $7.49 until Wednesday, July 11 at 5:59 AM EDT. That’s less than two days to get one of the best dungeon crawlers ever for half its regular price… and on GOG, it’s always DRM-free and packed with extras like music, wallpapers, artwork and more.

On the fence? Read our review of the game. Unfortunately, this sale does not extend to the Steam version of the game.

It’s smart, devious, and always rewarding to play. I always found myself pausing the game in celebration for tricking an enemy into a trap or by uncovering one of the game’s many secrets.” – Me

If you’re looking for a modern day game with old school gameplay, then go no further than Legend of Grimrock.

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