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Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference Reaction


Abdul’s Take:

I thought Nintendo would have had a stronger showing and shown a new major first party title other than New Super Mario Bros U (which was kind of already shown last year). There was no 3D Mario game nor Zelda, Metroid or Star Fox to be found. There were some third party games shown but most of them were already released on the 360/PS3 or will be released simultaneously with the Wii U version. It seems as though Nintendo had something missing.

Grade: C+


Ed’s Take:

I felt Nintendo had a decent showing.  They showed a Mario title for the Wii U and they showed off third party support, something they’ve been lacking in years.  Batman and Assassins Creed III will be must plays and the promo reel they had of other third party games came with a surprise Mass Effect 3 shot.  I am very curious how that game will play out with the gamepad.  They spent some time describing how the the Wii U will function and showed off a software that will help introduce users to the Wii U called Nintendo Land.  This is a mini game collection that will not sell the system like Wii Sports did but will do what it was set out to do, and that is to show people how the system is used.  They spent some time on the 3Ds but will reveal more at their 3DS specific press conference later.  What they did show was New Super Mario Bros 2, a new Paper Mario game, and the Luigi’s mansion sequel.  The big titles are on their way to the 3DS and giving 3DS owners a reason to feel satisfied with their purchase.  The Mario games alone should account for an increase in sales.  Overall the conference did feel like it was missing something, they just needed more demos of games being played or more in depth looks at new third party games, something.

Grade: B