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SteamWorld Dig (Switch) Review

Feb 07, 2018

SteamWorld Dig has resurfaced, and it has made its way onto the Nintendo Switch. The game does so, cleanly and wonderfully. By design, SteamWorld Dig is completely unchanged in its transition to the new console, so it is the same game as the other versions in every way. While I would have liked to see new features, touch controls, or enhancements from SteamWorld Dig 2, it just isn’t needed. And even though there’s nothing new to be found here, what’s here is a tightly packed game that put Image & Form on the map. SteamWorld Dig is a treasure all its own.

Gear.Club Unlimited Review

Nov 30, 2017

You don’t find many true-to-life racing games for Nintendo consoles. Many tend to fall into the arcade spectrum, let alone use any actual licensed cars. Gear.Club Unlimited brings a grounded racer to the Nintendo switch while still maintaining an arcade feel. But does that make this game any good? Is it any fun?

RiME (Switch) Review

Nov 22, 2017

RiME has come to the Nintendo Switch after several months of waiting, and the results are borderline disastrous. This is my first experience playing Tequila Works’ game, and there’s a wonderful game underneath the grime and disappointment. It is difficult to say if any of these issues can be patched out, but until then it seems it would be best to experience this game anywhere but on the Switch.