Cruis’n Blast Review

Sep 14, 2021

The Cruis’n series is something I constantly refer back to in my comparisons to other arcade racers. The original arcade cabinet and the N64 releases are what I want out of an arcade racing game. I look for cars that a very close to licensed if not licensed, fast courses, and physics that feel tight and responsive. I want the racing to be nail-biting intense, and Cruis’n Blast is precisely that, a perfect example of how good arcade racing can be when handled properly. Cruis’n Blast is incredibly fun to play, and you might say it’s a… blast.

Astro Aqua Kitty Review

Apr 13, 2021

As someone who’s reviewed every incarnation of Aqua Kitty there has been, the unique blend of Defender and Gradius has been so joyous to experience time and time again. When I heard Astro Aqua Kitty was dropping the arcade aspect and adding RPG mechanics like multiple characters, experience points, quests, and loot – it was exactly the follow-up I didn’t know I wanted. This is a game that will have you hooked for at least a dozen hours, per character. Tikipod does it again; with its irresistible charm, gorgeous visuals, and effortless gameplay, Astro Aqua Kitty is the cat’s meow.