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REKOIL: Greenlight the Game and Get Beta Access, Watch the PAX Trailer

It’s been a great week for the Rekoil team, who hit PAX Prime to show off the latest build of the multiplayer shooter that’s set to give the FPS genre a healthy injection of pure, classic gunplay.

Greenlight Rekoil, Get Beta Access

Greenlight has launched, completely changing the way independent developers get their game on Valve’s digital distribution platform. We couldn’t be happier that Rekoil is now up on Greenlight; with its tight multiplayer game and extensive mod support, it’s a game that’s built on community.

Given how much fun people were having with Rekoil on the PAX floor, it’s about time we let some more folks in on Rekoil’s no-nonsense gameplay. Beta signups have now opened, and to get in, gamers just need to complete a few easy steps:

  1. Like/Favorite Rekoil on Steam Greenlight
  2. Take a screenshot to show that Step 1 is complete.
  3. Send the screenshot to
  4. Wait for a beta key!

PAX Trailer Unleashed

Check out the Rekoil “Pure Shooter Roots” trailer from PAX on YouTube, or download the video. The trailer should give you a good sense of what the team’s going for with Rekoil: a finely-tuned multiplayer FPS that focuses on pure gameplay and extensive mod support. Isn’t it about time shooters were about the shooting?