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Chaos on Deponia gets a Launch Trailer

With Daedalic Entertainment’s new game “Chaos on Deponia” almost ready to hit the virtual shelves, the German Indie Developer has released the English trailer, delivering many new scenes and highlights from the “Deponia” trilogy’s second installment.

Chaos on Deponia will be available on Steam November 6th, for PC and Mac.

Rufus, the main character in the “Deponia” trilogy, has grown wiser since his adventures in the first game. He wouldn’t even dare to dream wreaking havoc for selfish reasons. reasons. But he accidentally splits Goal’s mind, thereby losing his only chance to leave the junkyard planet on which he is stranded. The mind must be restored and, incidentally, must also save Deponia from the coming chaos.

“Chaos on Deponia” stands on its own as a story and can be played without having touched the first part. However fans of the first “Deponia” game will get to know more background about the characters and some open questions will be answered.