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The Outcasts join Gratuitous Space Battles

One of indie gaming’s most successful strategy titles continues to grow with the “Outcasts” expansion to “Gratuitous Space Battles”. With over 150,000 units sold, GSB has grabbed the attention of armchair admirals around the world, as they assemble fleets, design new ships and even create unique challenges for the entire community to share.


The “Outcasts” expansion adds a new faction to the GSB universe, a cybernetic race shunned by religious zealots because they were no longer “pure enough”. Centuries of hostility led to an “Outcast” uprising culminating in genocidal revenge on a planetary scale. Now these “Outcasts” roam the universe seeking other “biologicals” to do unto others before things are done unto them.

“The Outcasts” includes:

  • 10 new ship designs
  • New modules exclusively for the Outcast faction, including a multiple target tractor beam and a decoy projector to fool your enemies
  • 2 New scenarios where you fight off Outcast fleets
  • Naturally, the Outcasts are a playable faction in all other GSB content including online challenges and the campaign game

Over three years of steady development, “Gratuitous Space Battles” has distinguished itself for its series of improvements, its thriving modding community and diligent post-release support. If you haven’t played GSB in a while, now is the perfect time to catch up and see what you have been missing.

“Gratutious Space Battles: Outcasts” is available on Steam or at the Positech store for $5.99. You must have the original “Gratuitous Space Battles” game to play “Outcasts”.