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March of the Eagles adds Crusader Kings II Modding Tools and More in Extensive Patch

Raise the regimental banner and beat the drums of war, a hefty patch for March of the Eagles approaches. The latest update to the wargame based on the Napoleonic wars adds the complete set of modding tools from highly popular Crusader Kings II, allowing players to mod March of the Eagles in nearly every aspect imaginable, as well as play with multiple simultaneous mods.

The patch also includes major updates to the gameplay, such as better retreat paths and not allowing low morale units to enter enemy controlled territory, as well as brand new content such as historical generals, completely new combat mechanics and battle sounds. Players now have an even better chance of taking control of one of the great powers of Europe to push for land and naval dominance in a decade swirling with fire, smoke and dark acts of betrayal as each nation moves towards enabling its own objectives.

For view the complete patch notes for March of the Eagles, please go to:

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