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Purchase a game on GOG, get The Witcher: Enhanced Edition free

tumblr inline mugkl2f13X1r6owu3, the DRM-free deliverer of digital gaming goodness, has blown out all of the stops in their final week of birthday celebration, and are offering The Witcher: Enhanced Edition free with any other purchase on until October 17, 2013 at 9:59 AM GMT. To add even more excitement to the mix the good people at GOG put the recently released genre mashup Dragon Commander on 40% discount and unleashed a social media contest with exclusive 3D-printed Dragon Commander figurines

In the final week of 5 Birthday Celebration all customers will receive a free copy of The Witcher with any purchase. The game has been lauded as “a fantastic RPG, and an amazing achievement for first-time Polish developer CD Projekt” (PC Gamer) and “one of the most engrossing, mature games in years” (Gamespot). It’s a definite must-have for all RPG fans and, frankly, all story-oriented mature gamers, and now, for an entire week it comes at an unbeatable price of free! For all those who have already experienced CD Projekt Red’s classic has a different offer: Dragon Commander, the critically acclaimed fantasy strategy RPG isavailable 40% off for only $26.79, with exclusive 3D-printed Dragon Commander figurines up for grabs through liking the Facebook pages at, Dragon Commander developer Larian, and PC Gamer. Go and check out the top post for entry details.