May 16, 2014

Cosmic DJ comes to DJ on Steam Early Access

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Today marks an historic day on Steam Early Access, as Intergalactic Corgis have become a reality. Living room DJ legends Devolver Digital and Gl33k announce today that the psychedelic sound design game Cosmic DJ is now on heavy rotation on Steam Early Access here: Music fans of all skill levels can hone their musical ability using an intuitive tap-based sequencer and the precision grid sequencer, then share those epic anthems with the world. Featuring an interstellar campaign mode, you’ll traverse the galaxy on six adventures to repair the “Jamtennas” – only you, the ‘Cosmic DJ of Legend’ can bring musical harmony back to the galaxy. 

Composed of overly attractive industry veterans and one pretty awesome corgi, Austin-based Gl33k has been one of the top sound design studios in the video game industry for nearly a decade. Cosmic DJ is their first foray into game development, using their talents for creating music and impeccable sound design as a way to let less-skilled musicians create sequences and beats with ease.

“”Through rigorous testing and quality assurance processes we can confirm that the beats created in Cosmic DJ will make them panties and/or boxer shorts drop”,” noted Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

Cosmic DJ is available now via Steam Early Access, the Humble Store, and other digital download services for with a 10% discount off the final $5.99 price.