Jul 16, 2014

Carmageddon: Reincarnation Update #4 hits, New Gameplay trailer


What’s New in Update 4:


  • Stiffshifter (Gameplay Ready)
  • Volkswerker (Complete)
  • Bear (Complete)
  • Tashita (Complete)


Bleak City – Outskirts

  • 1 new route – Rushin’ Roulette

MagNuChem – The Core

  • New arena! 1 Route – Core Blimey Mate

MagNuChem – Reprocessor

  • 3 new routes!
    • Bridge of Cries
    • Pier Pressure
    • Pass the Port

Dusty Trails – National Park

  • No new routes Powerups have been rejigged.

Frosty Pass – Rig Wreck

  • New and improved! Now with more girth!

New Powerups!

  • Spastic Opponents
  • Suicidal Peds
  • Jelly Suspension
  • Wall Climber


  • Placeable cameras in AR (check FAQ for how to use)
  • Updated sound content

The FAQ and Known issues list has been updated too, so before you make a bug report make sure to check whether it’s a known issue already! The FAQ also details how to use the NEW camera in AR! You can find the updated FAQ here.