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Dark Souls II DLC, Crown of the Ivory King releases today


To every great quest comes an inevitable end. Today FromSoftware launches the final exciting chapter of the Dark Souls™ II The Lost Crowns trilogy upon its most hardcore fans. As in the previous two chapters of The Lost Crowns trilogy, only the most hardcore, determined, and unrelenting fans will survive the onslaught of new enemies, traps, and bosses that have been devised to stop players from completing their quests in Crown of the Ivory King.


Complete the Dark Souls II journey by purchasing and downloading this final chapter in the unyielding Dark Souls II adventure today. Players that survived theCrown of the Sunken King and Crown of the Crown of the Old Iron King DLCs are surely grizzled and battle-hardened enough to take on this final arduous journey. Crown of the Ivory King promises to deliver the signature gameplay challenges and emotional highs that the Dark Souls franchise is famous for.

Dark Souls II’s Crown of the Ivory King DLC is available now! Each individual chapter of The Lost Crowns trilogy is available for purchase in the Americas via the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Marketplace, STEAM, and for a SRP of $9.99 USD. The STEAM season pass encompassing all three chapters of The Lost Crowns trilogy is available for a SRP of $24.99 USD.