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Door Kickers updates to 1.03, adds a lot of features and fixes bugs


Here’s some new stuff for Door Kickers: A LOT of fixes, but a new campaign as well.

New Features:
– New campaign: Terror at Sea.
– 7 new weapons: 2 pistols, 4 long guns, 1 shotgun. You might find some new favorites here.
– Can now compare stats for weapons/armor/shields with the ones currently equipped.
– Campaign missions can be replayed as long as you don’t play the next mission in line.
– Added “Delta” Go Code for all those that plan ahead.
– Two new ambient music tracks.
– Sniper: use TAB key for cycling between visible enemies.
– Added a “keep previous plan” checkbox in deploy screen.
– Replaced “switch to primary/secondary” waypoint action with a single switch-weapons waypoint. This will make planning ahead easier.
– Added campaign restart button.
– Added “how to play” video for Snipers.
– Red screen border when HUD is minimized and game is paused.
– Game will auto-restart when changing active mods or window resolution.
– When a flashbang waypoint is set on a door that gets opened by an AI, that waypoint is cancelled.
– Trooper no longer stops when given a direct “Reload” command. He stops at reload waypoints though.
– In-game Mods menu now has filters to help you browse more efficiently.

– Campaigns sometimes not finishing.
– Bug where trooper would go inside a door after lockpicking it.
– Breaching charge waypoints disabling themselves.
– Bug where trooper would kick doors while looking the opposite way.
– Deploying on maps with no deploy zones is done with the current equipment, instead of the default one.
– Can no longer interact with bystanders.
– Reload commands cancelling orientation commands.
– Broken sound/crashes for some Creative sound cards (replaced OpenAL with OpenAL Soft).
– Bolt cutters no longer show up for for Breachers when they don’t have it equipped.
– Broken backgrounds for “no intel” maps.
– Some replays were impossible to export to video.
– Several bugs related to maps (impossible challenges, impossible to arrest enemies etc.).
– The random killhouse generator will generate *at least* a room.
– You no longer need to retrieve ALL dope items to get three stars.
– Increased timeout values when connecting to Steam Workshop.\
– Fixed enemies destroying dope even when stunned.
– Tooltips now show key shortcuts (if available).
– Out-of-screen indicators not correctly aligned for certain game resolutions.
– A bug related to restoring a plan that had hold/move waypoints.
– Enemies not patrolling on paths on floors other than the starting one.
– Linux/OSX not detecting conflicts between mods.
– Removed SHIFT=Right Click in OSX (would interact badly with path-lock and Steam overlay).