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Galactic Inheritors colonizes onto Steam Early Access today


Indie developer CrisPon Games – founded by strategy game veterans Chris King and Pontus Åberg – along with developer and publisher Argonauts Interactive, are pleased to announce today that science fiction 4X strategy game Galactic Inheritors is now available for Windows PC on Steam’s Early Access.

Galactic Inheritors is the brainchild of former Paradox Interactive designers and strategy game veterans Chris King and Pontus Åberg, who helped craft fan-loved, multi-award-winning strategy titles in the Hearts of Iron, Victoria, Europa Universalis and Crusader Kings series. Galactic Inheritors is the first title from their newly founded independent studio CrisPon Games, with assistance from indie publisher and developer Argonauts Interactive.

In Galactic Inheritors, players will explore a vast and diverse galaxy as leader of a budding galactic empire. The acquisition of the galaxy’s strategic chokepoints and colonization of solar systems enable players to expand their empire’s influence. Viable strategies range from building a massive fleet to preparing the populace for war through the power of the media.

As one of five races with their own unique backstories and bonuses, it’s up to players to employ masterful strategies, comprising a wide range of tactical elements, with the ultimate goal of conquering the galaxy by any means necessary.

Galactic Inheritors is available now for Windows PC via Steam Early Access for $14.99 at