Jun 09, 2015

Galactic Inheritors launches out of Steam Early Access today

Indie developer Crispon Games – founded by strategy game veterans Chris King and Pontus Åberg – in partnership with developer and publisher Argonauts Interactive, today announces 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate) space strategy game Galactic Inheritors is now available on Steam and other key digital distribution portals for Windows PC.

After five months on Early Access, where it continued to evolve based on feedback and support from its community, Galactic Inheritors’ full release is now available, with a wealth of improvements that put it light years ahead of its first iteration. Developer Crispon Games, led by former Paradox Interactive designers Chris King and Pontus Åberg, has made significant changes over the course of development that cements Galactic Inheritors as a must-play for hardcore 4X genre fans.

Only one can inherit the galaxy. Survival is not a right but earned through absolute domination. In Galactic Inheritors, military might and conflict are carefully orchestrated. War is an event preceded by slowly growing territorial tensions and the skilled manipulation of the populace, followed by the masterful blending of long-term strategies and effective tactical elements. Players can explore a vast galaxy filled with over one hundred unique solar systems to be contested and colonized. Each move helps forge their galactic empire into a powerful platform from which to accomplish the ultimate goal: conquering the galaxy by any means necessary.

Since its start on Steam Early Access, Galactic Inheritors has received considerable visual and mechanical overhaul. Visual changes primarily center around the game’s user interface (UI), with improvements to help players better manage resources and issue in-game commands more easily. Galactic Inheritors also features new level art and enhanced profiles for all five playable alien races – Cawlar, Humans, Melowar, Ribetars and Xylenth – including their unique structures and multiple spacecrafts. The AI has been refined to improve random events and provide more realistic responses to aggressive actions taken by the player. New tools and strategies against opposing empires further bolster the depth of strategic gameplay options.

“When I left Paradox Interactive, I set out to create the game I always dreamed of making,” said Chris King, co-founder of Crispon Games and lead designer ofGalactic Inheritors. “We would sit around, talking about turning certain game ideas into actual games, but some never made it past the idea stage. I deeply felt Galactic Inheritors is a game I needed to make, and make outside the constraints of a bigger studio. I knew I would deeply regret not taking the chance to make it happen, and am thrilled to see Galactic Inheritors in its current iteration as our first title from Crispon Games.”

Along with gameplay and visual improvements, Galactic Inheritors now supports Steam Trading Cards, adding a variety of badges, emoticons and wallpapers to unlock.

Galactic Inheritors is available now on Steam for $17.99 (from $19.99) at a 10% off limited-time launch price, and can be purchased here: