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GOG gets three Ubisoft Classics today


Long lost since the late nineties but very much alive in game design for years to come – three game-changing classic releases by Ubisoft return to Windows PCs (including support for Windows 10) in a triple Digital Premiere on! The three titles can be bought separately, or together in a single classic Ubisoft bundle at 20% off.

Today’s Digital Premieres are:

  • Anno 1602 A.D, the original mix of real time strategy, business simulation and city building returns for a final lesson in game and world history.
  • Albion – The deep-space RPG inspired equally by The Elder Scrolls and Ultima perfected the hybrid 2D/3D adventure.
  • Archimedean Dynasty – An innovative underwater fight to survive, and the prequel to cult-favorite AquaNox, completes the submarine-combat series on

The 20% bundle discount will last for one week, until August 5, 1:59 PM GMT.

You can purchase these games directly on