May 17, 2016

Valkyria Chronicles Remastered is now available on PlayStation 4

It’s time to prove your mettle, private! The cowardly Imperial Army has invaded Gallia and is carving a bloody path towards the capital. It’s up to you to stop them, because Valkyria Chronicles Remastered — the 1080p/60fps HD remaster of the critically acclaimed tactical RPG — is now available digitally and physically in the Americas and Europe for PlayStation┬«4 systems.

And for the true Valkyria die-hards, we’re also releasing four different PlayStation 4 themes for $1.99 each! (And don’t forget avatars are on sale for 49 cents apiece, or in the full bundle of 12 for $3.99)

So as you prepare to take the battlefield today, remember this: Just because the Empire has countless professional soldiers, a sea of heavy duty armored vehicles, veteran officers, and a powerful Valkyria, you’re going to be ok! Their greater numbers, battlefield experience, and all around military superiority, are just statistics! Don’t even think about the fact that the Empire outnumbers and outguns us in every single category. Just remember your training and you will come out victorious. Good luck out there, soldier!