Jul 06, 2016

Move or Die gets “Toxic” with new update that’s now available

The mad, near-genius minds of indie developer Those Awesome Guys continue to perfect the ultimate friendship-ruining experience of Move or Die and are very pleased today with their latest free DLC update, “The Toxic Update,” now available on Steam. Amongst the most wanted additions of chat features and in-game emotes to communicate (i.e. taunt) with other players, “The Toxic Update” adds three new game modes, new Fly or Die Mutator, six playable characters, and rockin’ soundtrack packs. Furthermore, several highly requested online enhancements including host migration, AFK AI bots and several online bug fixes will greatly improve online playability of Move or Die.

“While we’re always going to be adding new gameplay modes, it was vitally important to get the much-requested online chat features added with this new update to Move or Die,” states Nicolae Berbece, founder and lead developer of Those Awesome Guys. “We continue to read the feedback from players on the Steam forums, so please keep it coming as we are not even close to being done with adding all the community-requested features!”

Move or Die “The Toxic Update” features include:

  • Online Chat: Players can now communicate and even challenge each other right from the Play Online screen.
  • Emotes: With in-game emotes, players can convey certain message of joy, surprise, anger, and more – taunt away your opponents in glorious spamming fashion!
  • Three New Game Modes:
    • “Hoops” – Pick up the basketball and score from downtown! You can even dunk the rock if you have the skill (and a jetpack).
    • “God Gun” – Players take turns controlling a massive godly gun at the top of the screen that fires a huge laser that even destroys the floor below. Suffice to say, don’t get hit by the laser.
    • “Boss Fight” – A chase mode where one of the players becomes a huge boss and the other players team up to kill the boss using tesla guns.
  • Fly or Die Mutator: New Mutator that only regenerates the player’s health while in mid-air.
  • Six Added Characters: Because you can never have enough absurd characters like Bert (The Owl), Pizzuh (slice of pizza), Willow (The Pillow), Horny (The Rhino), Radical (The Tooth) and Tsundere Shark (The… uh, Shark) have been added to the zany roster of over 50 characters!
  • Online Gameplay Enhancements: Several small additions to online play combine to vastly improve the multiplayer experience.
    • Host Migration – If the host leaves during an online game, the game will continue where the host title will be smoothly migrated to new player.
    • No more AFK Hosts – Hosts who are inactive in their own server will be kicked after 120 seconds.
    • AFK Bots – AI bots automatically take the place of any player that leaves in the middle of an online game; that AFK Bot slot will be considered open for previous player to return or a new player to join mid-game.
  • Updated Daily Missions: Double the number of daily missions have been added in-game including highly difficult tasks like jumping over the Spike Ball and killing a player with their original chainsaw in Chalnsaw Backstab.
  • Soundtrack Packs: Players can now choose between multiple soundtrack packs including an extra set of songs composed by Waterflame (the Early Access original soundtrack).
  • Mod Recommendations: Curious about the mods available in Move or Die? At the end of each local match, the game will automagically recommend a character mod to the player!
  • Touch Controls: For users playing on Windows devices with a touch screen such as the Microsoft Surface,Move or Die is now touchscreen compatible – TOUCH IT!

Move or Die is available now on Steam for $14.99.