Jul 21, 2016

Jalopy gets major update while on Steam Early Access to include new routes and new territory

Jalopy’s new HUNGARY UPDATE gives players so much more than a new country to explore. They can customise their Laika 601, both inside and out, with new spray paints and mix colours to get exactly the shade they want – whatever their taste – including a metallic finish.

And the customisation doesn’t stop there – players can choose from a range of decals from go-faster stripes and flames to a checkerboard roof. Nice!

A new odometer – a big request from the thousands of avid Jalopy gamers – lets player track the distance they’ve travelled. And eagle-eyed drivers will be the first to spot valuable parts in abandoned cars. Plus, scrapyards have been added on selected routes, so players can take the opportunity to search for spare parts there too.