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Eon Altar: Prelude – The Siege of Tarnum free demo available on Steam


Prepare your party to explore the beginnings of a grand quest, as Flying Helmet Games releases Eon Altar: Prelude – The Siege of Tarnum, a free demo that introduces players to the lore and world of Eon Altar – a PC RPG that blends its expansive and engaging story with an innovative second-screen mobile experience. Giving players a taste of the growing fantasy tale players can expect in Eon Altar Episodes 1 and 2, this prelude chapter is now available for free on Steam, ahead of the release of Episode 3 in early 2017.

In this Prelude episode, players will be able to choose from one of five unique characters in an hour-long campaign that begins to build the world around them. Lead your character through the critical Siege of Tarnum that sets the stage for Episode 1 of Eon Altar.