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Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege receives ‘Mid-Season Reinforcements’, a patch that buffs operators and weapons

Ubisoft announced that new mid-season reinforcements for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege are now available. The update includes major changes to Glaz’s scope, a new Elite Bundle for Twitch, reworked operators and weapon balancing.

  • Major Changes to Glaz’s Scope – Thermal visual feedback has been added when aiming down sights through the scope. Defenders will really stand out, even when obscured by smoke from grenades, Capitão’s bolts or Smoke’s gas canisters, thus increasing Glaz’s effectiveness at range.
  • Elite Bundle for Twitch – Infiltrate in style with Twitch. Elite skins introduce a new design for her offensive drones. Each set includes a matching uniform and headgear, operator card, operator title, charm and a signature victory animation.
  • Operator and Weapon Balancing – Several updates have been made to operators and weapons. Doc’s overheal increases to 140 and Buck receives an extra shot for his skeleton key gadget, and weapons have been balanced to correct the size of reticles.

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