The Crew 2 Review

Jul 06, 2018

The Crew 2 allows Ubisoft to have selective amnesia. The Crew 2 acts as if The Crew never happened, or allow it to remember that it even existed. Which, is nothing but great news. So instead of a gritty story about vengeance and undercover cops, we have a live television show that’s broadcast around the world that goes for fun and celebration.

Far Cry 5 – Hours of Darkness Review

Jun 25, 2018

Hours of Darkness is the first DLC for Far Cry 5, going into the past during the Vietnam War via a standalone story. While the events of this DLC doesn’t directly correlate to the main game, it does take one of Hope County’s residents, Wendell Redler as he recollects the events of his time in Vietnam. Those events are rather unsettling at times, but mostly forgettable. Now, Hours of Darkness isn’t anything to write home about, though it’s not a “Dear John” letter either. It straddles a line of just being ‘okay’, and that’s okay.