May 15, 2017

Turtle Beach RECON CHAT for XBOX ONE Review

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4 Awesome
Retails for: $19.95
We Recommend: $19.95
  • Developer: Turtle Beach
  • Publisher: Turtle Beach
  • Genre: Hardware
  • Released: May 15, 2017
  • Platform: Xbox One
  • Reviewed: Xbox One

Turtle Beach realizes that the standard chat headset you get with either an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 out-of-the-box, is rather sub-par. They are either fragile plastic, or flimsy earbuds that don’t have the power to output quality audio. Turtle Beach uses that as a baseline to construct something more in-line with what you’re looking for in a chat headset, and delivers light, durable, and quality in an affordable package. Turtle Beach RECON CHAT for XBOX ONE satisfies all of that, and makes you wonder why you’ve settled for less.

Upon taking it out of the box, there’s some minor assembly required. And that’s attaching the headband to the headset. It’s a sliding click and you’re done. After putting it on, it was initially uncomfortable on the ear, as the foam hadn’t had time to soften up. Over a few hours it did, and felt good for longer stretches of time. Its construction feels solid, and even has a notch to fits eyeglasses. Called SpecsFit, is a rather large notch to allow all sizes of eyeglass frames to not be putting undue pressure on the side of your head and ears. I have small frames, but my glasses never felt pressed against my head and they were rather accommodating towards comfort.

By design, there’s one earcup, while the other ear is left uncovered. The chat headset is immersive, but not so that it inhibits hearing the game or the environment around you. The earcup is open in design to allow for more audio to go to both ears and not be unbalanced to you. Putting the RECON CHAT to use against Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4, I was able to hear chat from my teammates at a louder volume and clarity than before thanks to the 40mm cup. And in return, I was reported from them that I was coming through crystal clear. The in-

Despite the box saying “Turtle Beach RECON CHAT for XBOX ONE”, this actually works on PS4 and mobile devices too, thanks to the 3.5mm plug. This fact is also noted on the back of the box in small print, but worth noting that they are interchangeable and can be used just fine on other consoles. You don’t have to buy multiple ones of the same type just to get the same audio result.

The Turtle Beach RECON CHAT for XBOX ONE fills a gap where you didn’t think needed filling. Microsoft and Sony do make low quality chat equipment, and the difference is clear once you start using the RECON CHAT for yourself. I was won over, and won’t be going back. For $20, I do not find this to be a premium for having better chat quality, and neither should you.

While the Turtle Beach RECON CHAT’s ergonomics could have a better first impression – they quickly become a non-issue. You simply can’t beat the price tag for what is ostensibly the best chat audio that serves as an entry point in Turtle Beach’s excellent audio equipment. The Turtle Beach RECON CHAT for XBOX ONE is my go to for chatting with friends and strangers, and so I can also hear the audio from my speakers or those around me.

A pre-release hardware unit was provided by the Turtle Beach for review purposes

You can purchase the Turtle Beach RECON CHAT for XBOX ONE or for PLAYSTATION 4 through Turtle Beach: