Aug 17, 2017

Epic Tavern opens September 7th onto Steam Early Access

From Press Release:

Epic Tavern, the tavern management simulation with high-fantasy RPG storytelling, will begin pouring pints on Sept. 7 for PC via Steam Early Access.

A frothy concoction of classic role-playing, roster management, and social simulation, Epic Tavern puts players behind the bar of a legendary fantasy tavern. As the Tavernmaster, players manage a pub frequented by valiant heroes from across the kingdom, who, after swapping stories over flagons of ale, can be recruited, selected for brave parties, and dispatched on epic quests.

Adventuring is a dangerous business that has profound physical and mental effects on every hero. The Tavernmaster must decide which wounds need tending, how to level up and customize their heroes, how to divvy up their loot, and how much to invest in expanding and personalizing their Tavern.

Skillfully managed establishments will become famous throughout the land, attracting the attention of mightier heroes and ever more powerful threats. The roads from each Tavern are paved with limitless possibilities, and the Tavernmaster’s decisions impact the way the legends of their world unfold.

Epic Tavern is a distinctive craft brew of dynamic storytelling and classic RPG party management,” said Rich Bisso, Co-Founder, Hyperkinetic Studios. “The world of Beor is brimming with danger, magic, and mystery– assemble your heroes and forge its destiny one drink at a time!”

Epic Tavern was originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising 170% of its goal. Upon its initial release, Epic Tavern will be playable in English, with additional language support planned for future updates.